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Case Study: Mamafrica Designs

Case Study: Mamafrica Designs

I'm so excited to share our latest case study featuring Mamafrica Designs. Mamafrica Designs is an amazing company and we were instantly touched by their mission. This fantastic business provide jobs to women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The women work 40 hours a week creating products that are sold on the Mamafrica site and in retailers worldwide. These skills help to empower the women and teach them marketable skills.

To learn more about the Mamafrica Designs story and mission, go take a look at their website here. When we first talked with Mamafrica about doing a site redesign, their current platform was Wordpress and they were using PayPal's Buy Now buttons to sell on the site. A huge part of redesign project was switching the site over to the Shopify platform and making it easier for potential customers to buy online. We also wanted to update the design of the site to incorporate their branding, gorgeous photos, and mission.

We decided to incorporate photos throughout the site and, instead of using lots of patterns like their previous site, we used texture and lighter colors to lighten up the overall page design. Every page of the new site is organized with large header photos to promote their overall goals and large product photos to really grab the viewer's attention.

Another major goal for the site redesign was to more heavily promote the donation area. While they do sell products, they also rely on donations to help support their cause and the families. Their original donation area was a bit confusing because there was only one donation button for multiple donation types and this meant that they did not get a lot of online donations. Our solution was to treat donations similarly to products, allowing for multiple donation options and a description of what each donation would be used for. This helped customers easily add a donation to their cart and Mamafrica saw an increase in online donations.

You can view more images of the redesigned Mamafrica Designs site on our portfolio here. To learn more about Mamafrica Designs and to shop online visit them at:

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