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Case Study: Restore

Case Study: Restore

Restore is a supplement company whose products help you maintain a healthy immune system and also good gut health. They came to us wanting a new site design and they were also in the process of changing the company name, logo, product packaging, and overall design. We worked in collaboration with other agencies so that each component of their new brand was represented properly in the new site design. Their previous site design was very text heavy so a big goal for us was to use bright photography throughout the site to add more visual interest so as to balance out the large amount of text that was necessary for some of their pages. Their new logo and packaging was very colorful so it let us really play with different colors throughout the site and make it an engaging experience.

Restore currently only has one product however they carry it in multiple sizes and also have a monthly subscription option. There are a lot of areas throughout the site that explains how the product works and the science behind it so on the product page we wanted to make it very streamlined. This way potential customers could add it quickly to their site but still be able to view important information about the product in just one click. This case study is a fantastic example of how great branding and web design can really change the image of a business.

The last step of this Shopify store redesign was branding it throughout the site overall. Since the site still needed to have a lot of text heavy pages we used large photography for page headers to bring in some color and style to these pages. We also added in a sidebar to these pages to keep them engaged on the site longer.

Check out more images of the newly redesigned site in our online portfolio. To learn more about Restore and to shop online, visit them at

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