Case Study: Simply Chickie

Case Study: Simply Chickie

Who doesn't love cute baby clothes? As soon as we saw the adorable designs by Simply Chickie and found out they were also 100% organic cotton, we were so excited to be creating a site for them. The previous Simply Chickie site was already on the Shopify platform so we didn't have to move content, however, there were a lot of missed opportunities in the design that we knew we could improve upon. The previous site was very colorful and, while it did use their brand colors, it didn't really represent the brand overall. So the first step of this redesign process was about creating an overall look that better captured their organic materials and also kept the potential customer more engaged on the site.

Simply Chickie has a large variety of designs for their products but their previous site made that hard to see because you had to go into the actual product page to select their design from a dropdown list. In order to showcase all of their great designs, we got rid of the dropdown list and made each design a separate product. Also, to better display the design, we mocked up each product design on the actual garment so potential customers knew exactly what the product looked like.

Our final touch for the site was adding personality and style throughout with stylized illustrations and banners, like on the cart page picture below. This helped keep a unified shopping experience for the customer and got them more comfortable with the brand.

It was such a pleasure getting to work on the Simply Chickie's new Shopify store and they have such an inspiring owner. If you want to see more images of the new site design check out our portfolio. To find out more about Simply Chickie and to shop online visit them at

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