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How to Save Time When Choosing a Font

How to Save Time When Choosing a Font

Do you have hundreds of fonts installed on your computer? Have you spent hours trying to find the perfect font? Using the default font preview found in Word, PowerPoint, or Adobe Creative Suite can be tedious and takes far too long. Luckily, there are some great online tools for when you are choosing a font for your next design project. is a brilliant tool that detects fonts installed on your computer and then provides you with a preview. You can enter a word or phrase, adjust the case and font size, and even choose a white or black background. You can then select the fonts that work best and filter them and then you can compare the finalists. There’s even a quick and easy tutorial page that walks you through the process. Do yourself a favor and bookmark it!

Save time when choosing a font by using Wordmark

There are other options out there that might work best for you including Font Picker, which allows you to export your final text selections, and Flipping Typical, which loads very quickly but only loaded a quarter of my fonts so it may be best for those with smaller font collections. For your next design project save time choosing a font by using one of these great tools!

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