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Shopify vs Etsy - eCommerce Platform Comparison

Shopify vs Etsy - eCommerce Platform Comparison

Want to know which eCommerce platform is best for you? Watch our Shopify vs Etsy comparison and learn the pros and cons of both platforms.

Etsy (Pros/Cons)

• PRO- Built in traffic when you are just getting started

• PRO- Easy to set up your site and get launched quickly

• CON- Your competitors are listed right beside you which promotes price shopping

• CON- Can't customize your store to match your branding too much

• CON- Can't collect email addresses to help build a loyal audience

• CON- No sales channels or integrated apps like wishlists and loyalty programs Shopify (Pros/Cons)

• PRO- Can really customize your store to match your branding throughout your entire site

PRO- Can create an email newsletter opt-in to start collecting and engaging with your audience who is interested in your products

• PRO- Can sell directly from your Shopify store on other sales channels like your Facebook store, Instagram posts and Pinterest pins

• PRO- Can extend your website's functionality with third-party apps

• CON- More work setting up initially

• CON- No built in traffic so you have to drive your own traffic to the site or else it is hard to get sales

Check out our infographic that we designed as well to compare the two platforms here:


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