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Congrats you are "The Learner"

Congrats you are "The Learner"

Pros + Cons of being "The Learner"

PRO: You are always evaluating your current knowledge and skills to decide on what skill to learn or improve upon next.

PRO: You are always ready to learn something new and implement it in your business.

CON: You may get caught up in constantly learning something new and you don't fully implement the strategies that you have learned.

CON: You may feel like you don't ever have the skills necessary for achieving your goals and it can hold you back from working towards them.


Your Next Steps

  • As a small business owner it is important to always be learning about the latest trends and software in your industry. However don't let it consume too much time of your day-to-day that you aren't actually implementing what you have learned.
  • Set aside time each week that is designated just for learning and another block of time that is just for implementing. Make this non-negotiable time so that you are always continuing to improve your skills and your business.

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