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Congrats you are "The Networker"

Congrats you are "The Networker"

Pros + Cons of being "The Networker"

PRO: You are great in social situations and have no problem putting yourself out there.

PRO: You are able to quickly describe your business and how it can help others so you are constantly expanding your visibility.

CON: You may get caught up in connecting with so many different people that your follow up can suffer at times.

CON: You can waste time networking online through social media groups that it is hard to get all your work done each day.


Your Next Steps

  • Establishing connections that can help grow your business and serve your community is amazing and is a wonderful skill to have! Make sure you are focusing on quality relationships though and not just quantity.
  • Have a clear strategy in place for following up with potential business relationships and customers that you meet in person or online. You want to automate this process as much as possible so that it doesn't use up a ton of your time each day.

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